About me

When I was a child, I wasn’t a fan of any musical ensemble, band or singer, and I was completely indifferent towards every music that, one way or another, I ended up listening to. However, there was an exception: the soundtracks from some movies and video games.
Already at that time, I was fascinated by the music of John Williams and David Wise, for instance. Although I still didn’t have any musical knowledge, I identified myself with that kind of music, and often watched a movie or played a game with the primary objective of listening to the music, since I didn’t have the records or Internet access.

By the age of 10, with Internet access, I was finally able to download some of those pieces, and I enjoyed them more and more as the time went by, increasingly molding my musical taste.
Some years later, playing some titles from the Grand Theft Auto franchise, I was finally interested in some rock bands, due to their songs being played on the fictional radio stations in the games, and soon I became a fan of bands like Black Sabbath, AC/DC and Kiss.

As time passed, while I expanded my interests in other bands and subgenres of rock, I also became a big fan of blues, and in 2006 I began learning the guitar and the fundamentals of music theory.
In 2011 I started playing the neapolitan mandolin thanks to family influences and new music interests. Since then, I’ve been including the mandolin in several arrangements and in my own compositions, valuing the instrument’s features.

young mandolin

As time went by, I was learning more about music theory, composition, orchestration, and realized that my most early influences, those from the movies and video games soundtracks, started me on this journey. I began working in the music business, published some records, and now I’ve been collaborating with projects from all over the world as a composer, arranger, producer and mandolinist.

Rafael Augusto Neves Mazzoli – born in 1991 in Santos, São Paulo, Brazil